Barnabas Is Traveling to Cornell

The trip to Cornell could not have come at a better timing that now. We have data that we consider completes aim 1 of Barnabas’ dissertation, a presentation opportunity at the weekly Maternal and Child Nutrition (MCN) seminar, several discussions with Dr Young’s research group, and a Special Committee Meeting and discussions about our progress and plans for 2013-14 cycle. 

PRENAPS Uganda Ltd registration

Promoting Research and Extension on Nutrition and HIV/AIDS in Primary-care Settings in Uganda, also known as PRENAPS Uganda, was officially registered by the NGO Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ugandan Government. The Organization is set to begin operations in April 2013 after securing an operational license and permit. PRENAPS Uganda aspires to be a premier organization focused on conducting innovative, discovery, and applied research and advocacy on nutrition and HIV infection in Uganda. PRENAPS Uganda will work together with academic institutions, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations, both local and international, to promote adoption of evidence based public health recommendations on nutrition and HIV in Uganda.