The FINITH study has started

Following ethical clearance at Gulu and Cornell Universities, the Food Insecurity and Nutritional Status of patients Infected by TB and HIV (FINITH) study has finally started. The FINITH study is a short term cross-sectional study that aims to decipher any differential impacts of food insecurity on infection or coinfection with TB and HIV. The FINITH study is funded by the Pears Foundation through a Seed Grant to Promote Public Health administered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

300 Participants Enrolled into PreNAPs

Today, we enrolled our 300th participant in PreNAPs and are excited about it. We hoped to enroll 300 participants, the target in Barnabas’ dissertation, in 6 months. However, it has taken us longer, actually 6 and 1/2 months. Wow, excited for the progress this far. We are indebted to the support given by Sera, Angela, Thomas, Hillary, and all the research assistants working for the PreNAPs study. As we head into another enrollment drive, for one hundred more participants, we look back with a lot of excitement. 

PRENAPS at 280 Participants & POSTNAPS Started

Today, the PreNAPs study enrollment clocked at 280 pregnant women, just 20 women shy of our 300 target. Our hope is to complete enrollment into PreNAPs by end of the week next week. In other news, the PostNAPs study began enrollment on Friday 10th of May 2013. By the end of today we had two dyads (mother infant pairs) enrolled into PostNAPs. The progress achieved so far couldn’t be more exciting! 

PostNAPs IRB Update

So far the PostNAPs study has been approved by Gulu University, the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology and Cornell University-Ithaca Campus. Before study activities can be rolled out, the final ethical approval will need to be obtained from Weill Cornell Medical College. This approval is expected soon.