Attending 2014 ASN meeting in San Diego, CA

We presented our results from Gulu at the 2014 Experimental Biology Meeting in San Diego on the moderating effect of maternal social support in the relationship between maternal food insecurity and prenatal depression. It was a great meeting and we received great feedback. We had great discussions on how nutritionists can work with other disciplines to harness social support networks available at community level for better mental health outcomes among pregnant women. Also we had a chance to highlight the work we are doing in the PostNAPs study understanding whether results observed prenatally extend into the postnatal period. Glad to be returning to Gulu today after this marathon of meetings.

Annual General Meeting

PRENAPS Uganda annual general meeting is scheduled for May 10th 2014. Meeting venue and time will be communicated to members. At this meeting we will orient Advisory Board members on their roles, review last years performance and present our next three years workplan. Members of the Advisory Board, Executive Committee and all PRENAPS Uganda subscribers are invited.